How to Add SSH to Cygwin

Cygwin is a command line application providing a Unix based environment in Microsoft Windows. It supports all of the Unix commands. SSH, on the other hand is a network protocol which provides a secure medium of communications between two computers that are connected using a medium which is prone to outside attacks such as data theft.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use ssh with cygwin and add it to application.

Step#1: Getting Started

If you have Cygwin installed and you type the ssh command in the Cygwin terminal, an error would be displayed to you saying that the command was not found. This is because the SSH server in Cygwin has to be added and configured.

running Cygwin

Step#2: Cygwin Setup

For that, let’s run the Cygwin setup file. In the setup wizard, keep moving on to the next step till you reach the package selection window.

running setup to install SSH

Step#3: Navigating Cygwin setup

Over here, in the search bar on top, let’s type openssh. Notice that two branches are displayed here. Let’s expand the Net menu and then click on the skip option.

browsing through for SSH package

Step#4: More Configurations

With that done, two small boxes will appear right in front of you. The first option that is selected by default is the bin directory and the other box represents the source directory. Let’s choose both the options and move on with the installation.

settings for SSH installation

Step#5: Finalizing Installation Settings

Next, all the packages will be displayed which are required to satisfy the dependencies.

completing installation configuration

Step#6: Starting Cygwin

Once you click on the next button, it will start downloading and installing ssh and its dependencies on Cygwin. With the installation complete, close the setup wizard and open up the Cygwin terminal.

running Cygwin

Step#7: Verifying SSH installation

Over here, notice that when we type the ssh command, you will notice that the ssh help opens up. In this way, you have configured the ssh server in Cygwin

Now you can easily use ssh with Cygwin and add to the security of your network.

checking SSH installation