How to Block Google Chrome

There are times when you wish to block Google chrome on your system but do not want to uninstall it. By altering certain settings and options you can make sure that chrome is temporarily blocked on your computer with the option of unblocking it whenever you wish. Through this Google chrome block option you would not have to uninstall it every time you want to stop using it for a while.

To understand how to block Google chrome follow the Steps given below.

Step 1 – Run a command

First of all, open up the run command by pressing the “win +r” key on the keyboard. Then type in “gpedit.msc” and hit the “enter” key.

Open the run command

Step 2 – Open the Windows Settings folder

With that done, the Local Group Policy window will open up. Under the “Computer configuration” section, double click on the Windows Settings folder.

Go to the Windows Settings folder

Step 3 – Open the directory

Over here, expand Security Settings and then double click on “Software Restriction Polices” to open up the directory.

Go to the directory

Step 4 – Select the “New Path Rule” option

Now click on “Additional Rule”, right click on the empty area and choose the “New Path Rule” option from the menu.

Choose the “New Path Rule” option

Step 5 – Copy the chrome browser path

Over here, copy the path of the chrome browser and paste it in the path field.
Keep the “Security Level” option set to Disallowed. Using this the Google chrome block option can be performed to make this browser temporarily unavailable.

Paste the chrome browser path

Step 6 – Open Google chrome

Now close the Local Group Policy Editor. Then open up Google chrome.

Go to Google chrome

Step 7 – View the notification

Over here, notice that a pop up window appears on the screen notifying that the application is blocked by a group policy. Google chrome is now blocked on your system. From the Steps given above you can see how easy it is to learn how to block Google chrome on your system.

Read the notification