How to Make Powerpoint Online

This tutorial is going to look at two elements of how to make Powerpoint online. First, the process of uploading a Powerpoint presentation to Presentations in Google Drive and secondly how to make a presentation from scratch using the service.

Step # 1 – Uploading a Presentation

We will assume that you already have the presentation created in Powerpoint and just want it to be made available online. Navigate to “” and make sure that you are logged into your account. On the left you will see a red “Create” button, next to this is an icon that signifies uploading, click this icon. In the menu that appears click “Files”. Locate the presentation on your computer and open it. It will upload to Google Drive and when finished you will be informed that the process has been completed.

Uploading a presentation to Google Drive

Step # 2 – Viewing the Presentation Online

Click on the “My Drive” link on the left and you will see the document appear on the right, along with any other documents that you have uploaded through the service. Click on it. A preview of the presentation will load and to view and modify it online you need to click the blue “Open” button at the bottom right of the window. The presentation will open and you will be able to view all the slides.

Your presentation in Drive

Step # 3 – Editing the Presentation

To edit the presentation you will need to open it with “Google Slides”. Close the tab, and at the previous tab close the preview window. Click the checkbox to the left of the presentation, click the “More” dropdown menu, navigate to “Open with” and click “Google Slides”. A new tab will open and once it has you will see your presentation and you will be able to edit it much like you could in Powerpoint.

Navigating to Google Slides

Step # 4 – Creating a Presentation from Scratch

Now, close this tab so we can look at how to make powerpoint online from scratch. At the previous tab click the “Create” button and choose presentation. A new tab will open and you will be able to choose a theme, select one and click “OK”. Now you will be able to create your presentation online in a way that will be very familiar to users of Powerpoint or any other presentation creation software.

Creating a new presentation