How to Play Uno Card Game Online

In this tutorial you will learn how to play the uno card game online.

Step # 1 – Find a Website for Uno
Go to “”. When you arrive to the site, music will start playing and the game will begin in a certain number of seconds. You can turn off the music by clicking the blue button on the lower right side of the interface in the center of the screen.
Loading the site for the game

Step # 2 –Learning How to Play Uno
While you wait for the game to begin, if you look in the center of the interface you will see information appear on how to play Uno. This info will be helpful for beginners.
Instructions on how to play

Step # 3 –Playing the Game
When the game begins, use your mouse to select cards at the bottom of the screen, and then drag these cards up to the center of the table. You will be promted to take certain actions depending on the hand that you play. This is how you can play the uno card game online.
Playing a card in the game