How to Recover Your BIOS Password

Step 1. Open a new browser window. Go to

go to indicated website

Step 2. Select CmosPwd from the left side of the Wiki. Download the zip file.

download indicated zip file

Step 3. Unzip the contents into a separate folder.

Step 4. Navigate to the Windows subfolder.
Select Shift, then Right-click inside the folder. Select “Open command window here”. A DOS box opens up.

perform indicated commands

Step 5: Type “ ioperm – I” to install the Cmos reading service.

Step 6: Type cmospwd_win.exe /k if you want to erase your old BIOS password. The executable offers you following options:
1 – to erase Cmos,
2 – to erase Cmos, but try to preserve date and time,
0 – to cancel. If you absolutely don’t know your password, select 1 or 2, otherwise select 0.

choose option form options offered

Step 7: If you have any of the popular BIOSes listed in the page, you might try running just

at the DOS box command prompt.
The utility will dump the most common places of your BIOS looking for your password.

Result: Depending on your case, you have successfully recovered or reset your BIOS password.