How to Uninstall Dropbox Without Deleting Files

In this video tutorial we will show you how to uninstall dropbox without deleting files.

In order to uninstall dropbox without deleting files, right-click on the “Dropbox” icon and choose “Preferences”.
In the “Account” tab, choose “Unlink This computer”.

Unlink This Computer

Confirm the changes by pressing the“Ok” button and exit from the “Dropbox”.

Then right-click on the “Dropbox” folder and choose “Open Folder location”.

Open Folder location

Open “Dropbox” folder. Go to “Control Panel” and click “Uninstall a program”. Select the “Dropbox” and press “Uninstall”.


As you can see, “Dropbox” was uninstalled, but the Dropbox folder is still on the computer with all the files.