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How to Install Gnome Shell Extensions

Before we teach you how to install gnome shell extensions, we’d like you to know what Gnome Shell Extension is first. Gnome shell is the core UI of the Gnome desktop environment. Like for other programs, Gnome shell has extensions too. These extensions are those plug-ins or components that don’t come by default.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to install gnome shell extensions.

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How to Show File Extensions in Windows 7

A file extension is a character set assigned to every file at the end of its name. These set of characters or file extensions are used to determine which program or application can open the file. File extensions of known file types are hidden by default in windows due to system security reasons. However Windows 7 has an option to display known file extensions by making a small adjustment in folder options. This tutorial will show you how to enable the Windows 7 display of file extensions using the folder options.

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