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How To Partition a Hard Drive?

Through disk partition you can create separate logical spaces in the hard drive in order to control and access data more efficiently. It has various benefits for example the operation system and program files are stored in a separate location so that it can be updated or modified easily. Programs used frequently are stored together so that they are easily accessible. If any error occurs, data needs to be restored only from that portion of the hard drive which was infected.
Generally speaking, partitions are created at the initial stage only, when setting up a drive for use. With that said, you can create additional partitions or modify existing ones according to your needs and requirements. Making a partition is a complicated task if done through DOS prompt. Many applications are available through which partition can be done easily. For this tutorial we would be choosing “Partition wizard” to create, resize or remove partitions.
Follow these simple steps to learn how to partition a hard drive:

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