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How To Write In Wiki Markup?

A wiki markup language is a language quite similar to the HTML language. The main purpose of developing a web based platform in the wiki markup language is that it provides a simple and easy solution to design and develop web pages. There are many wiki websites available online which supports the wiki markup tags and language. Wiki websites are generally those websites which allow users to write and edit details on their web pages.
Initially there were websites which only supported the WYSIWYG system which means What You See Is What You Get. This system supports the read only facility and users cannot edit, modify or change anything on a web based platform which supports such a system. With gradual technological advancements, the wiki markup language was introduced which is light substitute of the WYSIWYG system. Comparatively, its very easy to develop web pages using the wiki markup language. It also supports many HTML tags which makes it easier to develop.
Here in this tutorial we will guide you on how to make a wiki tag and learn how to write in wiki markup language. Following are a few initial techniques from which you can easily learn the basics of the language.

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