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How to Find Movie Recommendations

Knowing about a movie from different sources before you buy a ticket to cinema, buy a DVD or download it from Internet pays off. In this tutorial we’ll feature several websites that give good movie recommendations and beyond that.

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How to create an Auto Movie in Windows Live Movie Maker

‘Auto movie’ is another one of those windows movie maker features that allows you to create an interactive video within seconds. Auto movie in movie maker adds to the usability of the application and makes it more user friendly. Just by a few clicks you can combine images, clips and music to make a good compilation.
With this feature you need not be a professional editor since your content is converted into a complete set using different automovie themes.
Scroll down and learn how to create an Auto Movie in Movie Maker.

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How to create an old movie effect in Photoshop?

Playing with filters and editing the colors is what Photoshop is all about. In this tutorial, we would be using nothing but the basic tools available to create vintage effects on an image and bring back the classic old movie effect.
Follow this step by step guide to learn how to create an old movie effect in Photoshop.

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