Best Inflation Calculator

In this tutorial you are going to discover the best inflation calculator during this tutorial, as it’s straight from a government website.

Step # 1 – Visit Bureau of Labor Statistics Official Website

To get to the calculator, open up your web browser and type “” in the address bar at the top. Towards the center of the page you will see “CPI Calculator”, which is a simple form.

Inflation calculator

Step # 2 – Filling out the Form

The first option in the form is just a “$” symbol, so fill in an amount of money here and then select a year from the “in” dropdown menu directly below. Now, just select another year from the second dropdown menu below, which is also labeled “in”.

Entering an amount and a year

Step # 3 – Calculate and Compare

Click the button labeled “Calculate” below and a new amount of USD will show up above. So now, if you read from the top to the bottom of the form you will see the difference in how much the first price’s value changed. For example, “$” 1,000 “in” 1980 “Has the same buying power as:” $2,821.98 “in” 2013. You should now know how to use an inflation calculator, and you learned by using the most accurate one online.

Finding out the current value of the money