Best Mortgage Calculator

The best mortgage calculator is a tool which will allow you to calculate your mortgage rate. It will also help you determine your monthly payment, interest and other important details.

Step # 1 – Access the Calculator

Visit “” to access the calculator.

Accessing a mortgage calculator

Step # 2 – Locate the Input Section

Once you reach the web page, you will see a few charts at the top. Beneath these blue charts, on the left side, is an input section where you can enter information. Scroll down a bit to view this further.

Entering the details of your home and loan

Step # 3 – Entering Information to Calculate Your Mortgage Rate

You must enter accurate information into the input section to learn your mortgage rate. Fill out the sections “Home Value,” “Credit profile,” “Loan amount,” “Loan purpose,” “Interest rate,” “Loan term,” “Start date,” “Property tax” and “PMI” sections. Then press “Calculate.”

Calculating the rate

Step # 4 – Viewing the Mortgage Repayment Summary

After clicking the “Calculate” button, look at the bottom right side. Here, under “Mortgage Repayment Summary,” you will be able to view the results from the mortgage calculator, and you can see your monthly payment, total interest, total taxes, and other information.

A summary of the calculations