Best Way to Backup Your SkyDrive Files

In this tutorial you will learn the best way to backup your Skydrive files

Prerequisites: Skydrive account, web browser, Internet.

Step 1. Open up a browser window and log in to your Skydrive account at:

login to Skydrive account

Step 2. Click the Files tab on the left, and select the Details view from the upper right.

select Details views

Step 3. Click the uppermost box near the “Name’ tag: it should select all your files.

click indicated box

Step 4. Right-click on any of them, and select ‘Download’.

Skydrive will compress all your files and folders into one archive and send it to you to download. You can back up this file on any external system. We copied it in a backup folder.

select indicated functions

Result: You have successfully backed up your Skydrive files and folders.