How to Analyze E-mail Headers in One Click

In this tutorial you will learn how to analyze e-mail headers in one click.
Emails can have quite a complicated life, if to consider only the amount of servers they have to go through each day.

Knowing this, hackers from the movies conceal their tracks by relaying their messages into many servers. Knowing this, Google has devised a simple tool to reveal them.
Prerequisites: email program, web browser, Internet.

Step 1. Go to your email client and select the message you are interested in. We will use Gmail.

go to your email and select the message

Step 2. Right-click on your email, or click on the more menu, and select ‘Show source email’, or ‘Show original’.

A less readable version of your email is displayed.

right-click on email and select indicated options

Step 3. Select and copy to clipboard all the text up to Content-type, including it.

copy all text to clipboard

Step 4. Open up a new browser window, type:, and hit ENTER.

type the indicated address and hit enter

Step 5. Google displays you a set of online tools. Select Messageheader.

select  Messageheader

Step 6. Paste the text you have copied in clipboard in the section “Paste email header below”

paste the copied text in clipboard

Step 7. Click on ‘Analyse the header above’.
This is the one click that we’ve promised you

click analyze the header above

Result: You are now seeing all the traffic that your email had to undergo to reach your mailbox.