How to Capture Screen Video Directly to Youtube

In this tutorial you will learn how to capture screen video directly to Youtube.

Step 1. Open a web browser and go to:

open web-browser and go to indicated website

Step 2. If you’re in a rush to create your capture, click on Start Recording.

click „Start Recording”

Step 3. The website uses Java to perform this, so just allow it if it asks for your permission to run the script.

allow the website to run Java script

Step 4. Soon you are presented with a scale-able rectangle and few basic options. Position and scale the rectangle the way you need for a satisfactory screen capture.

position and scale the rectangle for satisfactory screen recording

Step 5. Click “Record” when you’re ready.

click “Record”

Step 6. After you had your performance on screen, click “Stop” to stop the recording.

click “Stop” to stop recording

Step 7. The applet provides you with three options, from which one is Publish directly to Youtube. We will choose this for the purpose of our tutorial.

choose your publishing option

Step 8. You are asked to log in to Youtube with your Google credentials. Do so.

log in to Youtube with Google credentials

Step 9. The applet puts you straight to the Youtube page, where you can edit the details of your new video.
Hit „Upload” and save changes at the end.

edit details of video and save changes

Result: You have successfully captured your screen directly to Youtube.