How to Create South Park Character Online

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create south park character online directly from the South Park Studios website.

Step # 1 – Select a Body Style

Go to “” and click “New Avatar”. Now you should see the naked body of a character, with up, right, down and left arrows surrounding him. Click on the left or right arrows to select a body style. Once you’re satisfied with the body style, click the bottom arrow to proceed.

Choosing a body style for the character

Step # 2 – Select a Skin Tone

Click on the left or right arrows until you find the skin tone you want to use. Once you find one you like, click the bottom arrow to continue.

Selecting a skin tone

Step # 3 – Continuing to Style the Character

Now you can select the emotion of your character. Again, click the left or right arrows to select an emotion. When you’re done, click the bottom arrow to choose a hair style for the character. As you continue, you will select a hair style, top, bottom and finally, an accessory. The accessory is the last option in customizing the character. When done, click the down arrow again.

Adding extras to the character

Step # 4 – Saving and Sharing the Character

The screen will then say, “Save | Share”, so you can save or share the character. If you want to save the character you will have to register or login by typing your email and password. If you want to share the character you can post it to Facebook, email it to a friend, or use it as a forum avatar. You are now done and should know how to create South Park character online.

Saving the avatar