How to Download from SlideShare

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to download from SlideShare. From Slideshare, you can download presentations on topics that interest you.

Step 1 – Go to

First of all, open any web browser and go to

For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already logged into slideshare. The home page will open up where you will be able to view different featured presentations. You can always click on any one of them in order to open the presentation.

Open slideshare

Step 2 – Save the presentation

As a result, a new page will open containing the presentation that you selected. Over here, you’d have several options. You can save the presentation by clicking on the save button at the top. You will be sent a verification/download link to the presentation on the email address that you have registered with.

Click on the save option

Step 3 – Download requested file link

Open another browser and open your mailbox. You will find an email from slideshare in your inbox. Open the email and click on the link which will help you download the requested file.

The link for the download

Step 4 – Start download

The page will refresh and a pop-up will appear on your screen. Start the download in order to download the presentation. The presentation will be available in pdf format.

Once the download has been completed, open the file. You can use slideshare to download content that best meets your requirements.

Download pdf file