How to Identify Language of Any Text

This tool allows you to identify language when you’re visiting websites or blogs.

Step # 1 – Finding Language Text that Needs to be Identified

Go to “” On this page you will see text in a language that most English people can’t read. Keep this page open.

A site in a foreign language

Step # 2 – Access the Language Tool

In another window or tab, go to “”. At the top of the page you will see a large white box, with text in it that says “Cut-and-paste or type here.” This is where you can enter text to be identified.

Where you can enter the foreign text

Step # 3 – Copy the Text

Go back to “”. Find any foreign text on the page that you don’t understand. Use your “Left mouse button” to select a paragraph, and after you’ve made your selection, right click on it with your “Right mouse button.” A small gray box will appear, with the option “Copy” at the top. Click on “Copy.”

Copying the text from the original site

Step # 4 – Paste and Identify the Text

Now go back to “”. Left click in the white box and then right click and then click “Paste” from the options that appear. The paragraph you copied previously will appear, and the program will automatically identify language, which in this case would be German.

The language has been successfully identified