How to Know Official Time in USA

In this tutorial you will find out the best way to know the US official time, and it will only take a minute or two.

Step # 1 – Visit Time.Gov
Open up your favorite web browser and visit “” where you will see a map of the United States.
A map with the different US time zones

Step # 2 – Finding out the Time
Hover above a specific State in order to see the time zone that it’s in, and click on the State in order to find out the current time there. When you click on part of the US map, you will land on a page that displays the time and date within the center of the page. The time will consist of the hour, minute and even the exact second. Below, you will even see where the sun is shining at, in order to tell if it’s daytime or nighttime in a specific part of the US.
The time in your selected time zone

Step # 3 – Select a Different Time Zone
Below the time, you will see a green button titled “Change time zone”. Click the button and you will go back to the original “” page where you will have the option to select another time zone. So, you now know how to figure out the exact US official time by simply clicking on a map.
Choosing to select a different time zone