How to Remove Iframe Border

We use frames to display other documents in our webpage and the technical name used for it in html5 is iframe. Sometimes designer may require the frame without its borders, so in this tutorial we be focusing on removing iframe border.

Step # 1 – iframe Basic Code

The syntax for including an iframe is shown in the following image.

Here, the src provides the source of the document. It must be noted that iframe element is supported by all the browsers. While the width and height is set according to our requirement. We can describe them in px, i.e. pixels format or they can be described in % format, for example, 75%.

iframe Code

Step # 2 – Remove Frame Border

There is a property in iframe called frameborder.

If we set frameborder=”0”, then the borders would be removed from the frame.

Remove Frame Border

And this was all about removing iframe border.