Mars Surface in Google Earth

What is google earth? Google Earth is software where one can actually view various places on the earth, by sitting right in front of their computer screens. You can zoom in particular spots and even read up on detailed information about these different places. Google Mars allows you to find more about mars. Click on the red dots available and read more info about the specific locations.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to visit mars in Google Earth.

Step 1: Exploring Mars

First of all you need to know, what google earth is? People who would like to view images of mars downloaded by NASA will need to follow the tracks of NASA’s rover Google earth. You need to have Google earth. Then you must click on the “Planet” symbol at the top and this will give you various options to choose from such as explore mars, moon or the sky. Now, select mars from the drop down menu and explore it the same way you explore earth using the same functions.

explore mars

Step 2: Zooming in and out

You can even easily zoom in and out of a particular spot or simply spin the image around in order to see the different places from a closer or different angle. This will allow you to make the most of Google Earth.

zoom in/out

Step 3: Viewing detailed information

Over here, you can even click on the tiny icons present in order to get detailed information about a particular spot you would like to know about. This allows you to gain more and more knowledge about the various places you would like to explore or know more about. So not only can you look at the image of the destination but you can also read details about it.

view information

Step 4: Seeing marked places

Once you zoom in, you will be able to see a variety of small locations marked on the image. Their name will be written and a red dot will signify their presence. This will simplify the process of getting to know where each place is exactly located for you. Google Mars allows you to fly to mars in a virtual 3d environment.

view individual places