Short Way to Find Dictionary Definition

In this tutorial you will learn a short way to find the dictionary definition of a word that you want to learn about. This is a simple process that can be done on any computer or smartphone capable of reading and sending emails.

Step # 1 – Open up your Email

It doesn’t matter which device you choose to use, as this process is the same as long as you can send/receive emails. So, login to your email from your web browser, software or mobile application and let’s get started.

Accessing your email

Step # 2 – Compose an Email

Compose an email to “”, where you will now put two words in the subject line. The first word you type into the subject will be “define” and the second word will be the word you want to define. For example, “define hyperbole”. Leave the message blank, and send the email to continue.

Sending an email to the WordSmith service

Step # 3 – Check Your Email and Learn a New Word

Now, open up your email to find the dictionary definition of the word you requested. You should see a dictionary definition of the word, and also some examples of the word being used so you will understand it better.

The response from the service giving you a definition