What is SugarSync and How it Works

In this tutorial, you are going to learn about Sugar Sync. It’s an online backup and file sharing service. You’ll able to safely keep your file in this server. This tutorial will show you that how to join and use Sugar Sync.

Step 1# How to Join Sugar Sync?

First you will go to www.sugarsync.com/int/signup and fill-up form for free 30 days.

Join Sugar Sync

You will get access 60GB free for 30 days where you can upload any files you want to keep safe at low cost

Get access Free account

Step2# what are the cost of Sugar Sync plan?

Next, you will get to know more about Sugar Sync in detail. Sugar Sync offers great prices for valuable storage space.

Sugar Sync Plan

Step3# what are service inside Sugar Sync?

Next, you will get to know more about Sugar Sync access. It has lots of flexibility for file storage. You will get full access to the SugarSync dashboard. This will also synchronize with your computer or mobile devices. It will help you to upload any documents with faster speed.

Sugar Sync Service