What is Two Factor Authentication

In this tutorial you will learn how to access blocked websites.

As result of rapid expansion of systems in the virtual space, a need for better forms has developed. Two factor authentication refers to the method of authentication where the user has at least two out of three qualities of knowledge (what the user knows), possession (what the user has), and inherence (who or what the user is) to be granted access to a system.

Examples of such authentication are common in daily life scenarios: any time you swipe your card at the supermarket, you show that YOU ARE the person that has the funds (you might be asked for IDs exactly to establish that), YOU HAVE the card that lets the cashier bill your transaction, and that YOU KNOW the secret pin associated to your card, or at least the amount of money left on it.

Online, Google has implemented such procedure to secure the access in their system. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. In a new browser window, go to:


Google has made a lot of effort to make the case clear on this new method. You can see Why you need it, How it protects you, and how it works before trying it out. Here is the answer to our question: Google will ask you to have your phone available and send you text messages on it so it would know that it’s really you.

go to indicated websit

Step 2. Click on Get started.

Google asks to set up your phone. Choose the extension of your country and type in your number. You can choose to receive an SMS message or a call.

type in your phone number

type in your phone number

Step 3. Your phone will now ring or receive an SMS, depending on your previous selection.

Type in the 6 digit verification code communicated to you by Google. Google tries to extend the possession quality on the computer you are using now, so in case you won’t have a phone with you at least you would be using your computer.

type in verification code

Step 4. If you Trust your computer, checkmark “Trust this computer” (we couldn’t do it).

Step 5: Last stage of the installation is to turn 2-step verification on. Click Confirm.

Result: Congratulations, you have just set up your two factor authentication with Google.