What is Best Soft After Microsoft Expression Web

In this tutorial, we will teach you what is frontpage?
What is frontpage? Frontpage was a Microsoft program, used to create and edit HTML documents. Microsoft acquired Vermeer in 1996 so that it could add its product to its product portfolio.
Step 1 – What is front page?
Frontpage is a discontinued WYSIWYG HTML editor. WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get. You could specify how you want your page to look like and the program will add the necessary HTML code to make sure the page looks as per your specifications in the browser. The program could also be used as website administrative tool.
What is front page used for

Step 2 – Frontpage – a discontinued product
Frontpage is no longer a part of a Microsoft Office Suite. The program has been replaced by Sharepoint and Microsoft Expression.
Hope you found this overview on frontpage useful.
Frontpage has been replaced