How to Hibernate Windows 8

This tutorial will show you how to hibernate a computer running Windows 8

This tutorial is going to show you how to hibernate windows 8 which is something that is not as easy to access in Windows 8 as it was in previous versions of Windows.

Step # 1 – Opening Control Panel

First you need to open the Charms menu, do this by moving the mouse over the small square icon at the bottom right of the screen. Within the Charms menu, click on the “Search” icon. In the new screen you want to enter the search term “Control Panel”. In the left side of the screen you will see a link to “Control Panel”, click this.

Searching for Control Panel

Step # 2 – Opening Power Settings

This will open the “Control Panel” window. In the top right of the window enter into the search box “Power”, a list will populate giving you the power options within Control Panel. Click on the top “Power Options” link. In the new window click on the “Choose what the power button does” link on the left hand side.

Navigating to power settings

Step # 3 – Enabling Hibernation

In the new window you first need to click the option at the top which reads, “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Now look to the bottom of the window and click on the check box next to the “Hibernate” label, click “Save Changes” and close the window.

Turning on hibernation

Step # 4 – Locating the Hibernate Button

Navigate back to the Metro interface and open the Charms menu. Click on the “Settings” icon and then on “Power”. A menu will appear with three options, one of which is “Hibernate”, click this and that is how to hibernate windows 8.

The new Hibernate button