What is Wubi

In this tutorial you are going to learn a bit about Wubi, which is a free Ubuntu installer that lets you run the operating system alongside Windows.

Step # 1 – How to Install Wubi

Here you can see that we are booted into a PC running Windows 7. This computer has a partition on it that has Ubuntu installed, thanks to the Wubi installer. You can download this installer (which includes the OS itself) from “http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer”. This process is relatively simple, just follow the steps in the installer.

This is where you can download Wubi

Step # 2 – Starting Ubuntu

With Wubi installed you can access Ubuntu very easily. Simply restart your machine and as it boots up you will be given a menu and you can choose to boot either Ubuntu or Windows. Here we are choosing Ubuntu, the loading screen will appear and you just need to wait for the system to load.

Choosing which system you want to boot with

Step # 3 – Accessing the Ubuntu System

You will need to login to your account and once you have done so you will be able to use a fully functional version of Ubuntu. That is essentially an introduction to Wubi – it allows you to install a version of Ubuntu on a Windows computer with a minimum amount of hassle.

The Ubuntu log in screen