Best Way Sarcastically to Tell a Friend to Search Smth

Let me Google that for you is a free tool that allows you to sarcastically tell others to search for info in Google themselves. Here is how to use it:

Step # 1 – Accessing LMGTFY
Go to “” In the center of the page, beneath the words “Let Me Google That For You,” is a white search box. For this tutorial, we will be conducting a search on how to make an omelette.
Navigating to the site

Step # 2 –Performing a Search
In the white search box, type in the words “how to make an omelette.” After you do this, click the “Google Search” button on the bottom.
Searching using the service

Step # 3 –Viewing and Sharing the Results
After clicking “Google Search,” if you look beneath, you will see the words “Share the link below.” Beneath this is a link, and beneath that are the buttons “copy,” “shorten” and “preview.” Click “preview,” and you will be taken to a page where Let me Google that for you will automatically perform a search on how to make an omelette. You can copy/paste the link to share it with others.
Previewing your result