Easy Way to Make a Flip Book

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to take photos you have taken and create a flipbook.

Step # 1 – The Source Images
For this tutorial you are going to need a series of images that are in sequence so they will look good when flipped together. For this tutorial we simply have some photos of a pen moving across a desk – this will demonstrate the effect nicely, you can use whatever subject you want. These images do not need to be of a high resolution as they will be printed in a small size.
The images you will use for the flipbook

Step # 2 – Downloading and Opening a Template
You are also going to need to download a template for InDesign, visit the site “http://www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/flickflipflick/Resources”. Click on the “InDesign Template” link on the right and a file will download to your computer. Click on the arrow next to the file and click “Show in folder”. This is a zip file so just extract the contents with whichever tool you prefer then open the file in InDesign.
Download the template you need for InDesign

Step # 3 – Adding the Images into the Flip Book
A page with many frames will appear, zoom in at the top so you can get an idea of where to place your images. Give the flip book a title on the first page where indicated if you wish. Now go to where you photos are stored on the computer and then drag the first image into the first frame, repeat this process for all the other photos that you want in your flipbook, adding them sequentially – left to right then down the page.
Placing the images into the flipbook template

Step # 4 – Finishing up the Flip Book
Now you are going to need to resize these so that they fit the frames. Hold down the shift key on the keyboard then click on all of the images in the frames and then right click on any one of them, navigate to “Fitting” then click “Fit content to frame”. All of the photos will resize so that they match the size of the frame. This essentially ends the computer part of creating a flipbook and all you need to do now is print the sheet and use some scissors and glue to do the rest!
Adjusting the fitting of the images in the template