How to Add New Application to Facebook

In this tutorial you are going to Make Facebook Applications. Everyone likes to make his or her own Facebook Applications. And this tutorial will show you that how.
Step # 1 Creating Facebook Application
First, you will go to the Facebook sign-on page at Then, you have to go to where you will register with your current account and develop a new application.
Creating Facebook Application

Then, you will create a new app by clicking the Create App button on the upper-right corner. Finally, prompted to enter a name for your app.
Creating New Application

Enter any app name (this can be easily modified later) and agree to the Facebook Terms.
Enter Application Name

The click “Continue” and after completing the captcha, you will be taken to a page where you will edit the basic settings for your app.
Enter Captcha

Step 2# Make the Facebook apps with Heroku
Next, you will go to Heroku and click Next to see the dialog below. Then, choose your favorite programming language from the dropdown:
• Ruby
• Node.js
• Python
Next, enter the email address you will use for your Heroku user account and click Create.
Creating Facebook Application

Now you have an existing Heroku account with your Facebook email address and the new app will be associate with your existing account.
Creating Heroku Account

If your app was created successfully, you will see this Success dialogue box.
Success dialogue box

Step 3# How to Edit Apps
Finally, you will able to edit any codes to customize your app to do more things using the App settings in the Dev. App section. Then you will see that the Hosting URL is filled out as well as the Site URL. To confirm these changes, click the Save Changes button.
Edit Apps