How to Calculate Your Daily Carbs Portion

In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate your daily carbs portion.

Controlling daily carbs intake is important for your health and fitness.
There are many online carbs calculators. We’re going to show you one of the easiest in usage.
Step 1. Go to Under “Weight Loss Calculators”, click “Carbohydrate calculator”.
go to indicated website and choose indicated settings

Step 2. Choose the calculating units you’re most confortable with. We’ll choose metric units.
Step 3. Insert your parameters in the table. It’s important to know your exact weight and height to get the most precise calculation.
Don’t forget to choose the correct value for your weekly physical activity. Remember that office lifestyle very often equals to “sedentary” activity, unless coupled with regular sports or gym sessions.
enter corect parameters in the table

Step 4. Press ”Calculate”. You’ll get the list of daily carbs and calories suggestions, depending on your weight plans.
press “Calculate” and get your results

Result: You have now successfully calculated your daily carbs portion.