How to Create Lightroom Watermark

In this video tutorial we will show you how to create lightroom watermark.

In order to create a watermark in lightroom, first of all open the program. Go to the “Edit” tab and choose “Edit Watermarks”.
Choose Edit Watermark

In the appeared window you can type a name for your watermark.
Type a name for watermark

Also you can press “Fit” to fit a watermark to a picture.
Fit a watermark to a picture

Choose the “Opacity” and set the anchor for a watermark. Then press “Save”. Give a name to the preset and click “Create”.
Now, go to the “Slideshow” tab and check “Watermarking”.
Check Watermarking option

Then, go to the “Print” tab and also check “Watermarking”. Finally, go to the “Web” tab, check “Watermarking” and choose your preset.