How to Create Photo Slideshow in iMovie

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make photo slideshow in iMovie.
Although the main function of iMovie is to edit video, it is also capable of creating compelling slideshows using photos you have on your computer.

In the middle toolbar, all the way to the right, click on show/hide the photo browser.
click show/hide the photo browser

By default this opens and displays the iPhoto Library. Highlight the images or photos you wish to include in your slideshow and drag them to the project library.
release the photos in the project library

Move the cursor to the beginning and press the space bar to play the slideshow. To change the duration of one of the photos, right click on it, and enter a desired duration in the text area. You can choose to apply the duration to every photo, or only the selected photo.
enter a new duration

by default iMovie adds its own pan and zoom effect called Ken Burns. Lets discover how to customize this effect.
Select the photo, and under the Window menu select Cropping, Ken Burns and Rotation.
select cropping, ken burns, and rotation

The green box represents the starting frame for your image. The red box represents the end frame. Click, drag and crop in or out on these two boxes to adjust the starting and ending frames of the effect.
adjust the red and green boxes

Close the Ken Burns effect and play back the clip.
You have successfully created a photo slideshow in iMovie.