How to Download Google Web Fonts

In ubuntu, there is an application named typecatcher which allows you to browse and download google web fonts.
So let’s start by first installing the application. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to download google webfonts.

Step 1 – Open terminal
Let’s open up the terminal application and add the PPA to install typecatcher. For that, type in:
“sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andrewsomething/typecatcher” and hit the enter key.
Opening terminal application

Step 2 – Enter password
Now enter the password to continue with the installation and later when prompted, hit the enter key to add the ppa to your repository.
Insert password

Step 3 – Get update
With that done, we will need to get an update. In order to do so, type in “sudo apt-get update”
Get updates

Step 4 – Install type Catcher
Once done, it’s time to install TypeCatcher. For that type in “sudo apt-get install typecatcher” and hit the enter key. With that done, give it a little time for the processing to complete and typecatcher will be installed.
Installing Type Catcher

Step 5 – Launch Type catcher
Now in the search bar, type Typecatcher and you will see the applications icon below. Simply click on it to open up the application.
Open Typecatcher

Step 6 – Download google font
Once the application opens up, select any Google font and click on the download icon to download the font. Once downloaded and installed, you will see the following icon appearing. That means the font has been installed in Ubuntu. In this manner, you can download and install google webfonts.
Downloading google fonts

Step 7 – Preview font
If you want to preview the font before installing it, you can click on the bulb icon on the topand it will open the link where you can preview examples of the selected font. In this manner, you can preview google webfonts.
Preview mode