How to Increase Google Page Rank

In this tutorial you will learn how to increase Google page rank.
The very heart of Google is its Page Rank method that determines “winner” or “looser” pages by analyzing links to the page and quality of such links. That’s the simplest explanation that we could find. So what if your Google Page rank leaves room for improvement? Before your hire the expensive SEO specialist, here are seven simple steps you can follow to fix the situation.
Step 1. Content is the key.
Check your webpage texts. Make your content as interesting and engaging as possible. People will naturally start to share it, link to it and your rating will grow.
focus on content

Step 2. Your website is nowadays more important than your business card.
So treat it as such. Add your site’s URL to your email signature, your press kits, your social network pages, your business card (if you haven’t done it yet). Check the online directories where your personality or business are listed: do they all link to your website?
If you’re writing articles for online media, always leave a link to your website at the end of the article, if it’s, of course, possible.
focus on website address importance

Step 3. Surround yourself with trustworthy friends online.
We are the sum of our connections and so is our website. Get friendly with other highly-ranked, quality websites. You can start such “friendship” by constructive commenting on their blogs. When such websites start linking to your content, your rating is growing!
focus on trustworthy referrrals

Step 4. Freebies.
Publish some materials on your website that others can freely distribute and copy. Basically it has to be material under Creative Commons License. You’ll be amazed at how people love free stuff and your website.
focus on freebies

Step 5: Search.
Search and you will find! By simply searching for your own website in Google and asking your friends to do so, you can make your website “interesting” for Google search systems.
So make it your daily routine to Google yourself out.
focus on search

Step 6. Newsletter.
After you’ve updated your website content with good articles and interesting freebies, it’s time to remind your contacts about your existence. Many websites like offer you non-expensive or even free newsletter – sending options.
Send out a newsletter to your friends and include all interesting updates on your website.
Enjoy your rating growth and increased website popularity!
focus on newsletter

Step 7: Play nice.
There are “dirty tricks” that can increase your website’s rating, yet put your reputation and attract a ban from Google.
So-called “Black HAT SEO” includes duplicating same content on multiple pages of your website, Inserting in your texts keywords that are not related to your content, distributing badware ,trading links and several other methods. Just Google “forbidden SEO tactics” to make sure you’re doing the right thing.
Oh, and getting friendly with “bad guys” should also be avoided: when you link to the websites that do the abovementioned “Black Hat SEO”, you won’t be successful with Google.
This was our tutorial on how to increase your Google page rank. Congratulations! Now you know how to apply our seven steps to improve your website’s performance.
focus on black hat SEO

Result: You have learnd how to increase Google page rank.