How to make a photo slideshow in Picasa

Step 1. If you didn’t do it yet, go to and download the software.
Install and run Picasa. It will scan all your folders for pictures.
install and run Picasa

Step 2. Go to File – New album to create your album.
Give it a memorable name, add a place and description, and even add music to it if you want.
create album

Step 3. Select the pictures that you want and add them to your album.
Step 4. Click the little green triangle near its name. A slideshow will appear.
Step 5: Stop the slideshow, then click the “Create Movie Presentation” button.
click indicated button

Step 6: Picasa prepares your presentation.
Choose appropriate timings, effects between the pictures, dimensions of the slides, the title that you want to be displayed in the beginning.
You can preview the effects in real time.
edit presentation effects

Step 7: Click “Create movie” to save your slideshow.
You can even click the Youtube button to publish it online.