How to Map a Route on Google Maps

Step 1:
Open up a new browser window and go to:
go to indicated website

Step 2:
Enter the destination of your route.
enter route destination

Step 3:
Click “Get directions” and enter the starting point in the search field. Google maps will show you the projected route.
getting directions

Step 4:
On the options tab, you can check for regular obstacles :say, tolls. We notice that this route has about four tolls to cross. Also, we can check it for traffic. The working icons will report you any of the places where the route gets more difficult.
checking route for obstacles

Step 5:
Finally, we can check the route for weather. It seems like we’ll have good weather, so we could give it a go.
checking route for weather

Step 6:
Google maps has the option of avoiding tolls, so we’ll try an alternative route. This one has also fewer working sports, so it would be faster.
mapping alternative route

Step 7:
Click the printer icon to get the route with you. You can include also a bigger size of the map along with the instructions themselves. In any case, keep a GPS handy. Have a safe trip!
printing map with instructions

Result: Congratulations! You have just learned how to set up a route with Google maps.