How to Reset iPod Touch to Factory Settings

In this tutorial you will learn how to reset the iPod touch to factory settings. Resetting an iOS device is a common trouble shooting technique used when determining the source of an issue. You can only reset your iPod to its complete factory settings in iTunes.
Step #1 – Connect iPod touch to computer
Use a USB cable to connect your iPod touch to the computer. iTunes should automatically open. If it doesn’t, go ahead and open iTunes manually by left clicking on its icon.
Step #2 – Click “Restore iPod”
In the summary tab, you will see information on your iPod touch such as storage capacity, software updates, and backups. Click “Restore iPod”.

Step #3 – Click “Restore”
A pop up screen will then appear asking you to confirm your request to reset the iPod touch to factory settings. Click “Restore” and it will automatically start replacing the content.

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