How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send e-mail to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail.

Step # 1 – Setting up the Undisclosed Recipients
Open your Gmail and click “Compose Mail” to create a new message. In the “To:” field, you’ll need to type “Undisclosed recipients “. “youremailhere” meaning your Gmail address.
Entering the ‘to’ field

Step # 2 – Adding recipients to the e-mail
Now, click “Add Bcc” and type all desired recipients of the e-mail into the “Bcc:” field, separating each contact with a comma. Once you’ve added all of the recipients to the Bcc field and have your undisclosed recipient’s information in the “To:” field, go ahead and write a message subject and body. Click “Send” to send the e-mail.
Choosing who to send the message to

Step # 3 – Checking the Email
Here we have sent it to an email address that we also can access so we will just check to make sure that it works. Navigate to this email address and open the email. When you look to see more information about where the email was sent you can see in the “to” field that it says “Undisclosed recipients”. This is a valuable way to protect the privacy of the people that you are sending the email to. That’s it, you now know how to send an e-mail to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail.
Viewing the sent email