How to Share Lightroom Catalog Between Computers

To share a lightroom catalog between computers, the easiest way is to use the Cloud, Dropbox for example. First, head over to and sign up for an account.
Sign up for Dropbox for free at

Once you create your account and get everything loaded on your computer create a folder to house your catalog on your dropbox account.

Close lightroom and move your catalog to this location Now, you’ll need to move the Previews.lrdata folder and Lightroom Settings folder, if they exist.
move the Previews.lrdata folder and lightroom settings folder to the dropbox folder that you just created

While Dropbox is syncing your files, go ahead and setup your second computer. Once that is finished, your Lightroom catalog is now shared between computers.
go to your other computer and login to your new dropbox account. Now you will be able to see the same catalog from both computers