How to Transfer Lightroom Catalog from PC to Mac

To transfer a lightroom catalog from pc to mac, first find the Lightroom catalog, which ends in .lrcat, and the cache file, which ends in .lrdata. It’s not necessary to move this file, but you’ll save time if you do because Lightroom won’t have to rebuild your thumbnails. Move your Lightroom catalog and cache files to the Mac in the Lightroom folder
move your catalog into the lightroom folder by copying it from your PC to your Mac

After moving lightroom, update the file locations so it can find your files.
Select “update folder location”.
select update folder location in lightroom

This will pop up a file browser. Use this file browser to select the corresponding folder on the new drive and click OK. This will relink the catalog
use this browser to locate where you placed the catalog and click Choose

You’ve now transferred your Lightroom catalog from a PC to Mac.
All catalog files should now be relinked