How to Type Faster Secret Keyboard Tricks

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to type faster – we will look at practicing typing with an internet based game as well as a couple of great keyboard shortcuts.

Step # 1 – Practicing with an Online Game
First let’s have a look at a great way to practice your typing. Open your preferred internet browser and visit the site: “”. This is a website where you can race against other typists online, click the “Enter a typing race” link to start a game. You will then see a traffic light counting down and when the race begins you will have to type the paragraph as quickly and as accurately as possible.
Starting a typing race

Step # 2 – A Valuable Keyboard Shortcut
Another great way to learn to type faster is to learn some essential keyboard shortcuts. Most people know about copy and paste, but one of the lessor known commands that can allow you to fix errors more quickly is the “Control” and “Backspace” command. Here we have a Word document and you can see when we press this command combination the cursor deletes the entire previous word, rather than a single letter – this can make correcting documents much quicker. These are just a couple of tips that should allow you to learn how to type faster.
Using a lesser known keyboard shortcut