How to Use Body Fat Calculator Online

There are many complex ways of accurately measuring body fat, but if you just want a rough estimation you can get one with a tape measure and a simple online body fat calculator.

Step # 1 – Finding a Body Fat Calculator
You are going to need to access a body fat calculator so visit the website “” and you will see there is a calculator a little way down the page. As you can see it does require some information about your body, so take these measurements.
Measurements you will need

Step # 2 – Calculating your Body Fat Percentage
Select your gender, choose whether you want to enter your measurements in centimeters or inches and enter the data. When you have done this click calculate and your estimated body fat percentage will appear below.
Entering the information and finding your percentage

Step # 3 – Checking the Healthy Ranges
That is essentially how to use a body fat calculator online, and to get an idea of whether you have a healthy fat range you should click on the link below the table.
Checking healthy ranges