Ask Questions and Get Answers Online with Magic Ball 8

It’s no surprise that the popular magic 8 ball toy has an online equivalent. This tutorial is going to show you how to use a magic 8 ball on the internet.

Step # 1 – Finding an Online Magic 8 Ball
Open you preferred internet browser and visit the website “”. On the page that loads you will see an image of a magic 8 ball which duplicates the function of the toy.
Navigating to the site

Step # 2 – Using the Magic 8 Ball
Now, you can either choose to simply speak the question or enter it into the text box below the image. Here we are going to enter a simple question into the text field and click the button below this. The image will refresh and ball will offer a response and that is the simple process for using a magic 8 ball online.
Using the Magic 8 Ball