How to Design Your Own Postage Stamps Online

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to design postage stamps online which can be a great way to customize your mail.

Step # 1 – Visiting the Stamp Creation Website
There are several providers of this service online. PictureItPostage are a company that are approved by the United States Postal Service, so they are a good choice to go with. Visit their site at “”.
A site that offers stamp creation

Step # 2 – Designing your Stamp
On the home page you can see the option to upload the image for your stamp. Click this and select the file that you want to use from your computer then click the “See My Stamp” button. You will now be able to use the editor to adjust how the stamp will appear. Here we are going to change our background color to go well with our image. We will also change the text color. You are able to change the size stamp if you wish, here we are sticking with the large version.
Choosing the colors for your stamp

Step # 3 – Buying the Stamps
Finally, click “Add to Cart” when you are ready to proceed and you will be able to complete your order. You can choose as many packs of stamps as you want and then continue to the checkout. As this is just a tutorial we won’t buy these stamps here but that is how to design postage stamps online.
Purchasing the stamps