How to use plugins for WordPress

WordPress Plugins are composed of php scripts that extend the
functionality of WordPress. They offer new additions to your blog that
either enhance features that were already available or add new features to
your site.

Visit to download free plugins

To install plugins into your WordPress site, visit the WordPress Plugins
Directory site at These plugins
are designed by volunteers and are free to the public.
Choose any plugin and click ‘Download Version’ on the right to
begin downloading for use on your site

Search for a plugin that you would like to install, and click the orange button
entitled “download version” to the right.
To install, hover mouse over ‘plugins’ and click ‘add new’

From here log into your WordPress Dashboard, and look for the “Plugins”
option on the left.
Click on “Add New” at the top.
Click on ‘install’ at the top of the page to install your plugin

On the next page, you will see an option to “Upload” next to the “search”
field in the menu. Click “Upload” and you will be directed to a page to
choose your file.
Choose the .zip file that you downloaded from the WordPress
plugins site, and click ‘install now’

Click on “Choose File”, and locate the plugin Zip file that you just downloaded
from the WordPress Plugins Directory. Once located, click “Open” and
“Install Now” on the installation page.
The installation should take a couple of minutes.
Click on ‘Installed plugins’ to see all of your plugins and activate the
ones that you would like to use

Once the Plugin is successfully installed, click on the “Installed Plugins
option” on the left under “Plugins”.
Locate the plugin that you just installed and click “Activate” under its name.
Once the plugin has been “activated”, you will be able to manipulate its
functionality from the menu on left.
To see your widgets, hover over the ‘Plugins’ option and click on

If the plugin is designed to add as a “Widget to your website”, hover over
the “Appearance option on the left and select the “Widget” option.
Grab any widget from the left and drag and drop it to the ‘sidebar’
on the right

From here, you can drag the Plugin Widget and drop it on the right
towards the sidebar and begin making adjustments to the widget.
Visit any page on your website and you will see the widget appear on your
screen to the right.