How to Write Bibliography for Wikipedia

In this tutorial you will learn how to write bibliography for Wikipedia.

Step 1 : Go to and log in to your Wikipedia account.
Open the page to which you want to add bibliography.
open the page

Step 2. Click “Edit” to start editing the page.
click “Edit

Step 3: To add a General Reference, add the following details to the bottom of the page:
== References ==
*[Author Last Name], [Author First Name]. ''[Title of Piece]'', [Publisher’s Name].

Adding general reference

Step 4 : If you want to add a specific quote, insert the following to the place where you want to see the footnote.
[Author Last Name], [Author First Name]: ''[Title of Piece]'', page [Page #]. [Publisher], [Year Published].
inserting specific quote

Step 5: When you are satisfied with your added bibliography, click the ‘Save Page’ button.
Your content is now being added to the page.
click Save page

Result: Congratulations! You have just learned how to write bibliography for Wikipedia.