How to Install Git in Mac

In this tutorial we will guide you how to install Git on mac. To install GIT on Mac, you would have to first install its application and then run it from the Terminal application.
To learn how to install GIT, follow the tutorial given below.

Step 1 – Download git

To download the application, open up the browser and log on to
Over here, you can download the mac version of Git.

Download application

Step 2 – Extract the file

Once the application has been downloaded, move to the top right corner of the browser and click on the file. This will extract the dmg package on your hard drive.

Extract the package

Step 3 – Select the .pkg file

With that done move to the directory where the package has been extracted and click on the .pkg file.

Click on the .pkg file

Step 4 – Move on with the installation

With that done, the Git Installer welcome screen will appear right in front of you. Over here, click on the continue button to move on with the installation of git on mac.

Carry forward the installation

Step 5 – Install the whole package

Over here, you can either customize the installation according to your requirements or install the full package. For this tutorial, we will simply install the whole package.

Install the complete package here

Step 6 – Enter password

A pop-up window will open up after that, where you will be required to enter the password before continuing with the installation.

Insert password

Step 7 – Close installer and open Terminal application

With that done, a confirmation notification will be shown, informing you that the Installation was successful.
Simply click on Close to exit the installer and let’s open up the terminal application.

After installation open Terminal application

Step 8 – Open the graphical interface

Over here, let’s type git gui and this will open up the graphical interface of the application. Over here, you can create, clone or open an existing repository.
And that’s it, this way you can learn how to install git on mac.

View the graphical interface