iOS vs Android

iOS and Android are the two operating systems for mobile devices that have been dominating the smartphone market for some time – iOS has had a particular stronghold on the industry, but this has been weakening in the last few years. This video is going to look at iOS v Android.

Step # 1 – Interface

The interface on both of these operating systems has always has a basis on not having physical buttons. Right from the start Apple had only one front facing button and over time Android devices have taken this direction as well. The software itself today is very intuitive and easy to use on both systems. Apple might be slightly easier to use, but in terms of customizability, so the phone does exactly what you want, Android takes the lead.

The interface on the two operating systems has its similarities

Step # 2 – Apps

If you are buying a smartphone then the apps are going to be an essential part of it. iOS devices can download from the Apple App Store, Android devices primarily have the Google Play Store, but they can also handle apps from outside the store. While the Apple store does have more apps, the flexibility of being able to run non-approved apps on an Android certainly appeals to some.

The two main stores for phone apps

Step # 3 – Verdict

It’s no easy task to decide which system is better in a battle between iOS v Android. Both systems have their pros and cons. Apple is a smoother system, and it feels more refined, however some people may find that it is too limited as it cannot be easily customized. Android might be more ‘clunky’ but the ability to modify the system really allows users to do what they want with it. As with most things, it really depends on what you want from your phone.

The Apple and Android logos