White iPhone vs Black iPhone

Despite their difference in appearance the white and black iPhones are identical in almost every other way. In the battle between white iphone vs black iphone your choice will depend largely on your personal preference.

Step # 1 – Viewing Pleasure
When you see a TV set it will be black – nearly all sets are. There is a good reason for this – black is an easier color to ignore. When watching TV you don’t notice the surround very much, so if you do consume a lot of media on your device then you will probably want to go for black as white can be distracting. On the other hand some people don’t mind this at all and don’t find white to be a distraction.
A TV has a black surround because it is easier to ignore

Step # 2 – Appearance of Damage/Dirt
Dirt that can accumulate on your iPhone will tend to be of a darker color and so it might be better disguised on the darker device. However there are very few reports of white iPhone users having any dirt build up problems and the phone seems to be just as easily cleaned as the black version.
The white version might have more visible dirt

Step # 3 – Size Differences?
There is also a tiny difference in the size of the white iPhone 4 and 4S – it is about a fifth of a millimeter thicker. While this is impossible to notice when comparing the phones – it can cause some problems with accessories. This is very unlikely, but some cases to appear to be a bit tight on the white verison. The reality is when you have the white iphone vs black iphone there is very little difference – you just need to make up your mind over which color you prefer.
The white iPhone is a tiny bit larger than the black